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arvindr21 Merge pull request #43 from evanx/master . var db = require('diskdb'); db = brownsferrymarina.comt('/examples/db', ['articles']); // or simply brownsferrymarina.comt('/examples/db', ['articles']); Note: If you have manually created a JSON file, please make sure it contains a valid JSON array. Pol and couple of others reached out to me requesting a post on real time usage of DiskDB and here it goes. I have written another article on. Description. A small library providing an easy to use API endpoint for storing persistent data in JSON files in express apps. This is configured out of the box to .

Disk and file organizig software which allows you catalog, browse, search and print the directories of offline storage media without having mount them such as. Disk cataloging and file cataloging tool, organizing CD-ROM,ZIP,MO,FD,Hard Disks and all storage media. Allows you to browse and search. I didn't read through the code, just the readme. The object lookup is based on looping the collection and matching each object individually, right.

project to make a key / value store method on the disk that any language could easily impliment. Project details. Project links. Homepage. It is solved by copying the nod_modules folder wich contains the diskdb dependency files to root folder of the project and by using relative path. Install diskDB Run the following in the project folder to install diskdb: npm install diskdb Create a brownsferrymarina.com file at the root of the project directory to serve as. DiskDB · Overview · Code · Bugs · Blueprints · Translations · Answers. Download project files. No download files exist for this project. You might want to check.

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